Antalya is the largest city along the Mediterranean coast with all kinds of fun activities. There are many options for spending time in the water, hiking, or for adventure seekers, paragliding, or parasailing.
The peak season for visiting the Antalya coast is from June to August when the weather is hot and humid. The water in the sea or rivers are perfect for taking a swim. You’ll find lots of tourists in the city and on the local beaches. To find less crowed areas, you’ll need to venture outside of the city.
Looking for the best places to stay in the Mediterranean city of Antalya. There are many types of accommodation options as well as different areas of the city you can stay, and it can get overwhelming. The best areas to stay depend on your type of travel, who you are traveling with and the length of your trip. We can suggest some of the best hotels to stay in Antalya: Selectum Family , Crystal Flora, Royal Diva, Pine Beach etc.

Dubai is unlike any other city on the planet. With its bold architecture and over-the-top style, the United Arab Emirates’ largest city is a distinct fusion of its Bedouin heritage and an ultra-modern culture all its own. Dubai doesn’t just live up to its reputation; it will completely exceed your expectations. Explore the glitz and glam, and then uncover the ancient traditions of this multifaceted city.
The city of Dubai spans a long stretch of coast on the Persian Gulf, so there are many areas to stay. If you’re visiting for a short time, you can stay near the airport in Deira, or along Dubai Creek. If you’re interested in luxury, modern properties, you’ll want to look for accommodations along the coast in Jumeirah and the Dubai Marina. Last but not least, The Palm Jumeirah, is an incredible, man-made island filled with ultra-luxe resorts. Here are some of the best hotels in Dubai:
Stella Di Mare Hotel Dubai Marina 5*
NH Collection Dubai The Palm 5*
Metropolitan Dubai 5*
25hours Hotel Dubai One Central 5*

Greece: where historic ruins, volcanic cliffs, and friendly locals meet the blue Mediterranean Sea. Your first trip to Greece can start from a summer adventure through Athens and Mykonos, return again to sail the Saronic Islands and then again to explore the Cyclades islands of Santorini, Milos, Paros, and Naxos! There are some islands that are famous for their beaches and natural features, while others have a significant nightlife scene or strong cultural traditions.
Looking for the best places to stay in Greece. There are many types of accommodation options as well as different areas you can stay. Here are some of the best hotels you can stay in Greece: